TurboMate E2

The TurboMate E2 is an Android O (modified version) wearable particularly suitable for enterprise applications.


Beyond a simple Smart Watch, the TurboMate E2 can be used for various applications tailored to each function in the company and will help make processes and workflows more efficient.


The TurboMate E2 can be used as an e-Badge, to grant access to facilities as well as activate a timestamp; it can be used as a personal communication instrument to inform and instruct individuals; it can also be used as a workflow deployment tool, a collaborative work tool and many more.


With its rugged housing and strong strap, it withstands harsh conditions and is durable. Light and small, it is unobtrusive and will quickly become part of the daily gear and create automatic reflexes.


Thanks to its bright TFT LCD screen, information can be read at a glance and with its highly sensitive capacitive touch, it can be operated even if you are wearing gloves.


Rugged, versatile and customisable to meet the needs of today’s high performance workplaces, the TurboMate E2 is the unique multitalented device that gives efficiency a new dimension.