WiFi5 Dual-Band Router

The Askey Wave 2 WiFi Router meets today’s and future demands for higher speed and more reliable WiFi connections, despite the simultaneous use of various client devices.
This carrier-grade Wave 2 router was designed with a modular architecture that can be customized to include 4G LTE, NB-IoT or 5G. The router currently supports TR-069, IPv6 / IPv4, cloud-based Radio Resource Management and FOTA. Further software customization to meet carrier requirements is available.
Beamforming Transmission technology enables the Wave 2 WiFi Router to concentrate its WiFi signal on each device. The WiFi connection is thus strengthened and more stable with less surrounding signal interference.
This Dual-Band 802.11ac high performance device is equipped with MU-MIMO 4x4 wave 2 and provides up to 2533Mbps bandwidth (2.4G 200Mbps x4 + 5G 433Mbps x4).
It dynamically adapts to the number of connected devices to distribute an optimal bandwidth to each of them.
Equipped with the IPv4/IPv6 “Dual-Stack" function, this Wave 2 WiFi Router supports both IPv6 and IPv4 and helps legacy devices work during the transition.
The Wave 2 WiFi Router can be customized for software, hardware and industrial design to enable future carrier services and to align with carrier marketing/branding plans.