WiFi6 Dual-Band Router

As the perfect WiFi solution for multi-device households and high-density WiFi environments, the Askey 11ax WiFi Router is a high-performance device that will delight the most demanding customers.

This Router is equipped with MU-MIMO and delivers up to 3.55Gbps bandwidth.

It dynamically adapts to the number of connected devices to distribute an optimal bandwidth simultaneously to each of them.

The 11ax technology enables the Askey 11ax WiFi Router to significantly conserve the battery life of the connected devices, making it a suitable device particularly for IoT ecosystems.

Specifically designed to work in crowded WiFi environments, the Askey 11ax WiFi Router provides extended coverage and helps reduce the amount of interference from other nearby WiFi networks. It offers a high-quality wireless experience with reduced congestion and latency, even in high device densities. This makes it an ideal choice for urban dwellers and multi-device users.

Simply outstanding, this is the ultimate device for home users who want the best WiFi performance.