TCU – eCall Box – Keyless Beacon

The Askey TCU is your car’s health checker.
It collects your vehicle’s data and detects parameters such as engine temperature, speed meter and error codes via CAN
Bus to ease up diagnostics.
Thanks to its wireless connection to the driver’s cell phone, it transmits CAN Bus data to any Android or iOS Smartphone
via Bluetooth and makes it visible on the Smartphone screen. Featuring keyless beacons, it enables car owners to unlock
their vehicle simply by coming closer to it and having their Smartphone at hand.


This TCU also has smart optional Add-Ons that include Mobile Broadband connectivity that directly connects to the
cloud to collect additional information and access services from the cloud server or the call center – if the dealership or
the service provider have implemented those services of course.
Another Add-On is the Anti-Theft alert that will trigger and notify the vehicle owner if a vibration e.g. due to broken glass
is detected.


This solution can be combined with the Askey eCall Box, a device designed to save lives in case of a car crash.
With its automatic dialing of the local national emergency number, rescue services are immediately alerted, thus
reducing the time rescue teams need to get to the accident scene.


Thanks to its precise GPS, G-Sensor technology and reliable automotive-grade quality, the Askey eCall is the device of
choice for all car manufacturers.