Corporate Social Responsibility

Focused on respect, conscious of the future, we at Askey continuously promote our enterprise social responsibility.

Labor and Ethics Policy

  • We forbid engaging in or supporting the use of child labor, prison labor or forced labor.
  • We forbid racial or gender discrimination, slavery, human trafficking, exploitation and inhumane treatment of our employees.
  • Our employees' working hours must follow the standards of local laws.
  • We ensure that every employee has one day off every seven days.
  • We comply to the standards of local legal minimum wage.
  • We pay the sufficient salary for overtime working and social insurances according to the applicable laws.
  • Our juvenile workers shall not perform any overtime work, night shift work or hazardous work.
  • We manage with integrity, ban bribery and any other forms or sources of illegal profit.
  • We have an absolutely no bribery, no extortion and no embezzlement policy.
  • We respect and protect intellectual property rights.
  • We establish whistle-blowing system to report dishonest, unethical or improper behaviors and provide protection for the whistleblower from unfair and disrespectful treatment.

Social and Environmental Safety Policy

  • We comply with the laws and regulations on labor safety and health.
  • We actively protect our employees’ safety and health - in our factories and our offices.
  • We strive to actively prevent safety and health risks.
  • We are continuously improving our work processes and work environment.
  • We train our all employees - in our factories and offices - and raise their awareness about safety and eco-consciousness.
  • We strive to acquire the adherence and participation of our entire staff, in the name of empowerment and continuous, sustainable improvement.
  • We comply with the laws, rules and regulations on environmental protection.
  • We strive to reduce the environmental impact of production, save energy, and protect resources.
  • We actively promote recycling, pollution prevention and treatment.
  • We continuously improve the control of pollution sources, reduce waste, passive impacts on the environment and optimize transportation.
  • We ensure smooth external and internal communication, publish and communicate our environmental safety management and systems.
  • We encourage worker consultation and participation.

Conflict Minerals Statement

CSR Report

ASKEY does not use - or support the use - of metals and minerals coming from conflict areas and/or illegal procurement. Those materials include Gold (Au), Tantalum (Ta), Tin (Sn), Tungsten (W) and Cobalt (Co). ASKEY's suppliers are also required to refuse using metals from conflict areas.

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