14. September 2014

Askey 4G LTE Module certified by KDDI, Japan

Askey has received the KDDI certification for its WLCNQ10 and WLCHQ10 4G LTE embedded module to operate on the KDDI mobile network.

Askey is the first provider to have a 4G LTE module commercially available and compatible with the KDDI mobile network. KDDI has official release on its website, please find http://www.kddi.com/business/au-certification/.

Powered by Qualcomm® MDM9615 chipset, Askey’s 4G LTE modules can integrate high-speed data connectivity into notebooks, Ultrabooks, tablets, and other portable 3G/4G devices. They can also deliver data at 75Mbps download and 25Mbps upload speeds using LTE and backward compatibility to 3G CDMA/EVDO network.

Askey’s 4G LTE module has two form factors 1) WLCNQ10 is the newest M.2 NGFF (next generation form-factor) card and 2) WLCHQ10 is the PCI Express Mini card form factors for device makers to choose.

Askey also provide Connection Manager: Askey CM supporting Windows XP, 7, Vista for OEM device integration with Windows drivers and compatible with MBIM(Mobile Broadband Interface Model) on Windows 8, 8.1(Windows Blue).