Askey Computer Corp. launches a new Smart City System that brings the Urban Experience to a new level.

Taipei, April 2016

Askey Computer Corporation has launched a new Smart City System that comprises a new generation Bus Stop as well as a new generation Bus equipped with the latest technology, that bring the passenger experience to all new levels of information and orientation – whether they are waiting for or taking the bus.

The Askey Smart City System was exhibited for the first time at the Taipei Smart City Exhibition 2016 that was held at Nangang Exhibition Hall 22-25 March 2016, where a great number of IOT manufacturers and solution providers showed solutions in the areas of transportation, medical, business, safety and energy.

The Askey Smart Bus Stop, with its large screens, displays clear bus routes and real-time traffic information, thus avoiding that passengers need to get close to tiny route maps and timetables in order to get the information they need. In addition to bus traffic information, this System offers e-payment possibilities. And if they use the App, passengers can continuously get updated bus routes and timetables as well as promotional and practical information. The App also includes voice recognition for the visually impaired as well as multi language services for tourists to help them with orientation. Real-time weather and air quality information (e.g. PM2.5 index for airborne particles) are also displayed.

The Smart Bus solution allows the bus driver to have an information overview about the surroundings and the destination, thus reducing the risk of delays and accidents. The vehicle information is recorded continuously through a T-Box system and is transmitted to the Bus Control Center, that in its turn can make sure that the bus is proceeding safely.

IP cameras installed inside the bus record a real-time video stream and can be controlled by the bus driver, but also by the Bus Control Center.

And thanks to the embedded multimedia equipment inside the bus, multimedia content and advertisement are displayed on the screen or on the passengers’ phones if they have the App. And ultimately, thanks to the installed LTE equipment, passengers can enjoy free WiFi during the bus journey.

Safety, information, orientation, entertainment – the Askey Smart City System contributes to making cities smarter, safer and easier to navigate. With the Askey Smart City System, the cities of the future have already become reality.

About Askey

Founded in 1989, Askey Computer Corp. specializes in manufacturing communication devices and creating solutions and ecosystems for today’s demanding customers who want the best in smart connected environments.

Since its creation, Askey Computer Corp. has been the preferred partner for major communications providers as well as telecom operators worldwide.

Askey Computer Corp. is based in New Taipei City, Taiwan and has factories in Wu-Jiang, China.

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