Askey OmniEdge Smart Signage solution adopts Synaptics' Multimedia VS680 SoC

Askey Synaptics dual logos

Taipei, Jan. 06, 2022 – CES 2022 – Askey today announced that Askey X-View total solution adopts Synaptics’ Multimedia VS680 SoC to enable a range of artificial intelligence (AI) enabled interactive and personalization features in our new OmniEdge Smart Signage solution. The OmniEdge platform, used for kiosk and point-of-sale (PoS) products as part of the Askey X-View total solution, leverages the integrated high-quality dual camera and high-performance neural processing unit (NPU) capabilities of the VS680 platform to create more immersive and responsive experiences in its products.

Askey CEO Robert Lin said“Signage is a rapidly changing market that requires a highly customizable and scalable future-proof platform. With those requirements in mind, we evaluated a number of competitive options and selected Synaptics’ VS680 because it delivers the best combination of performance and features to meet our current and future needs. With the VS680 camera and AI capabilities, we can offer high-performance, field-upgradeable products in a cost-effective manner while meeting stringent time-to-market windows.”

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