Askey collaborates with Qualcomm Taiwan to launch 5G Innovative Learning Proof of Concept Program



Taipei, September 30, 2021. Askey Computer, a recognized global Netcom solutions provider with specializing in development of network communications and electronics manufacturing from 1989, works with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, and other communications and technology companies today to announce the launch of the 5G Innovative Learning Proof of Concept Program. This program is specifically designed for junior high school students and Taipei Municipal Xin Xing, Tainan Municipal He Shun, and Kaohsiung Municipal Yan Cheng will be the first to benefit from the program. Teachers and students within these schools will be able to jointly prepare their curriculum and enjoy remote hybrid learning through the 5G mobile network for the first time. Leveraging advanced 5G mobile devices, students will experience an innovative learning environment created by 5G broadband networks, Virtual Reality devices, and Always On, Always Connected personal computers (ACPCs). Meanwhile, educators will be able to utilize innovative technology to teach across different regions through a multiplatform, combined physical (face-to-face), virtual reality, and online hybrid teaching format. Moreover, implementing 5G connectivity technology in schools will help to cultivate young people’s digital quality and increase overall digital competitiveness in Taiwan.

Askey provides 5G NR CPE not only with support of high-performance 5G technology, router and Wi-Fi 6 in one single device, but user-friendly and easy to install. Through 5G high-speed internet access and low latency, clear and stable ultra-high image transmission and multimedia improve the quality of remote and video teaching. It makes the learning process more interesting and interacting between teachers and students. With this new technology application, a richer curriculum experience and creation are greatly optimized.

Askey has continued to leverage our 30+ years of knowledge to develop the Netcom experience and customized solutions. By this program, the software and hardware of these three schools are smoothly connected and operated in a 5G network environment. We are honored to join hands with Qualcomm Technologies and become a driving force in the development of 5G in Taiwan’s campus learning.