• Engineering and Technical Services
    Engineering and Technical Services

    Engineering and Technical Services

    With the escalating requirements of the 5G network landscape, Askey stands as a beacon of expertise, armed with adept technical capabilities and project engineering proficiency. Our core offerings encompass detailed network design planning and real-time system maintenance, aimed at guaranteeing the robustness of construction quality and the resilience of network stability.

    Service Offerings
    • Implementation and deployment of 5G equipment
    • Provision of network equipment and product solutions
    • Comprehensive project management services spanning end-to-end processes
    • System maintenance and the administration of problem ticket management systems

Engineering and Technical Services

Engineering Deployment Services

Engineering Installation
From the preliminary site survey and planning to the subsequent system installation, Askey provides end-to-end solutions and after-sales services that combine information security and deployment efficiency. These solutions aim to enhance the operational capabilities for our clients and facilitate their swift market entry, thereby contributing to the layout of network construction.

Askey engineering services encompass:

  • Planning: Customized solutions for mobile communication equipment and products
  • Deployment: Construction of 5G network and equipment
  • Management: End-to-end project management services

After-Sales System Services

Askey offers a comprehensive suite of after-sales services, featured with rigorous processing workflows and precise management of repair information. Through the utilization of tailored report formats and regular feedback mechanisms, we are committed to addressing the diverse needs of our valued clients.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)
Askey carefully outlines service level agreements tailored to various standard classifications. Essential components of these agreements encompass service response times, terms of service, service provisions, and business recovery intervals. Our offerings extend to encompass a spectrum of options and billing modals customized to individual client requirements.

Document Management System
Askey establishes a robust document management infrastructure aimed at augmenting enterprise service efficiency. This system is designed to encapsulate data appropriate to engineering implementations and solutions devised for customer difficulties. Through comprehensive documentation of achievements, description of specific product attributes, and meticulous analysis of problem manifestations, we offer bespoke and comprehensive solutions for our clients.

Issue Tracking System JIRA
Askey’s issue tracking platform, JIRA, facilitates seamless online submission services for customer issues. Upon receipt of business inquiries from our clients, the engineering crew promptly imports relevant information into the JIRA system for efficient management. Clients can track service requests and monitor processing progress in real-time via the JIRA system, with opportunities to provide vital feedback upon service completion.
Through the utilization of the JIRA system, we not only adeptly manage customer inquiries and requests, but also harness the power of big data analytics to afford our clients an insightful overview of the current operational status of their systems, empowering them to recalibrate operational strategies as necessary.



Technical Support Services


Technical Support Team
At Askey, we host a dedicated team of professional engineers and R&D specialists. Our commitment ranged in varied technical support requirements of our esteemed clients, with updated of the latest advancements in products and technology.

After-Sales Network Verification Laboratory
Askey maintains an independent facility, the After-Sales Network Operations SOP/MOP Verification Laboratory, solely dedicated to conducting comprehensive verifications of post-sales network operations. This ensures the utmost safety and precision in current network operations.

After-SalesLaboratory Process
In order to safeguard the security and seamless operation of client networks, Askey TAC engineering department has instituted an independent SOP/MOP verification laboratory. This facility meticulously constructs simulated environments designed to each client's network, conducting a series of thorough SOP verifications. The outcome is the realization of highly stable and efficient enterprise networks, enabling clients to navigate network transformations with unwavering confidence.

After-Sales Lab Service Including:
  • Verification of SW/FW upgrade processes
  • Verification of network architecture changes

After-SalesLaboratory Process

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