Askey, a global provider in Netcom solutions, has committed to invest networking R&D for various solutions.
From private living space, to transportation, to certain domains, and even to a city, we enable to provide a customized IoT ecosystems to fulfill smart living styles.
  • Smart Home

    Smart Home

    Smart home, connected home and Internet of Things.
    Those terms designate a whole range of products and services aiming to make your life at home safer and more comfortable.
    Main products Wi-Fi Networking | Set-top Box | Home IoT
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  • Smart Transportation

    Smart Transportation

    Efficiency, connectivity, detection and navigation.
    Driven by innovation, Askey's business philosophy is based on sustainable progress, empowerment and trust with the ultimate goal of having happy, satisfied users.
    Main products Automotive | Mobile Device
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  • Smart City

    Smart City

    Safety, information, orientation and entertainment!
    The solution contributes to making your life smarter, safer and easier to navigate.
    Main products Smart Bus Stops | Civil IoT
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  • Smart 5G Private Network

    Smart 5G Private Network

    Low Total Cost of Ownership, easy deployment and management, superior performance
    It offers organizations superior wireless performance, improved security, reliability, customization availability, and the ability to deploy advanced smart applications
    Main products Small Cell | ODU | CPE
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  • Engineering and Technical Services

    Engineering and Technical Services

    Professional, proficiency, resilience and diversification
    With the escalating requirements of the 5G network landscape, Askey stands as a beacon of expertise, armed with adept technical capabilities and project engineering proficiency.
    Main products Engineering Deployment Services | After-Sales System Services | Technical Support Services
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