Small Cell

The Hot Topic in 5G Network Infrastructure

Agile for intensive networking deployment, Small Cells help you extend higher capacity internet usage for enterprise, industrial or residential use.

  • 5G Sub-6GHz Small Cell

    5G Sub-6GHz Small Cell

    ASKEY's SCU2000 supports 5G Sub-6GHz, and provides enterprise-level outdoor coverage of 5G Sub6.
  • mmWave Small Cell

    mmWave Small Cell

    ASKEY’s SCE1000 is an ideal, leading, and field-proven enterprise indoor solution that supports strong 5G performance in the mmWave spectrum.
  • Sub-6GHz Small Cell

    Sub-6GHz Small Cell

    ASKEY’s SCE2200 provides 5G-NR Sub-6 GHz indoor coverage. Meeting the demand for indoor connectivity, it is an ideal and powerful solution to deliver a superior network access experience.