Compensation and Benefits

“Employees” are the invaluable cornerstone of Askey in creating customer benefits.

We provide a comprehensive system of compensation and benefits, and a safe and friendly workplace for our staff.

Compensation System

  • Annual Salary Adjustment
  • Year-end Bonus
  • Dragon Boat Festival Bonus
  • Mid-autumn Festival Bonus
  • Project Bonus
  • Patent Bonus
  • Supplemental Bonus

Health Insurance

  • Labor Insurance
  • National Health Insurance
  • Group Insurance
  • Dependent Group Insurance
  • On-site medical care and various health promotion activities
  • Overseas Business Travel Insurance


  • Diverse clubs
  • Regular health checkups
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Birthday cash gifts/cash gift allowance for wedding, funeral, or related occasions
  • Labor Day cash gifts/gift voucher
  • Cash gifts/gift voucher for Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-autumn Festival, and Lunar New Year
  • Children’s Scholarships
  • Travel Subsidies
  • Employee shopping discounts
  • Year-end activities

Attendance Policy

  • Flexible working hours
  • Leave policy that complies with Labor Standards Act

Defined Contribution Pension Plan

  • Monthly pension contribution will be made in accordance with regulations stipulated by law

Daily Askey

We aim to cultivate and care about our employees in encouraging them to unleash their potential. Moreover, we are concerned about their work-life balance. Not only do we provide an excellent workplace, but we also support them to participate in different kinds of club activities after work. The clubs we have include basketball, baseball/softball, volleyball, badminton, jogging, physical fitness, cycling, etc. These clubs will take part in offsite recreational events from time to time to enrich employees’ leisure life.

The Company’s welfare committee offers various benefit programs aiming to take care not only of our staff, but also staff families by providing group insurance, children’s scholarship, and more. We hope we create a workplace with development, newest technology, sense of belonging and accountability.