• Low Total Cost of Ownership, Easy Deployment and Management, Superior Performance
    Smart 5G Private Network

    Low Total Cost of Ownership, Easy Deployment and Management, Superior Performance

    • 5G Private Network is a dedicated wireless network that is built for a specific organization, and provides exclusive access with control over the network infrastructure. Unlike a public 5G network, anyone can access with a compatible device; a private 5G network is designed for a single organization, providing enhanced security, reliability, and flexibility.
    • 5G Private Network is utilized in versatile applications such as industrial automation, smart factories, critical infrastructure, and mission-critical applications where are required with low latency, high-speed connectivity, and ultra-high reliability. It not only can be customized and optimized to meet the specific requirements of an organization, but also can provide a user-friendly control interface over the network infrastructure, enabling the organization to tailor its network.
    • Askey Industrial-grade 5G Private Wireless Solution offers unique three key benefits for enterprises:
     - Low Total Cost of Ownership
     - Easy Deployment and Management
     - Superior Performance

Smart 5G Private Network

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    Combines ultimate performance and revolutionary high-speed 5G technology to boost your broadband access network


    With ultimate flexibility, mobility, and comfort of use


    With ultimate flexibility, mobility, and comfort of use

5G Private Network Four-Step One-Stop Solution


01. Customer Requirement

  • Collect and understand customer requirements
  • Small Cell and CPE quantity estimation
  • UL/DL throughput estimation

02. Network Design and Planning

  • Coverage simulation
  • Site survey (GPS/power room)
  • Network architecture design and RF/datafill planning

03. Implementation and Testing

  • E2E system pre-integration and staging test before delivery to site deployment
  • System tuning/optimization
  • AMP network monitoring

04. Global Warranty and Technical Support

  • Global warranty and technical support
  • RMA Service
  • Firmware over-the-air software update & upgrade

Top 3 Benefits of Askey 5G Private Network Solution

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Implementing a private 5G network requires significant investments in infrastructure, equipment, and maintenance. It can be a significant financial burden for smaller businesses. Askey 5G Private Network End-to-End Solution provides low total cost of ownership and significantly reduces the entry barriers for enterprises. 

Easy Deployment and Management

Private 5G Network requires specialized technical expertise to design, deploy, and manage. Businesses may need to hire skilled personnel or outsource it to a third-party provider. With Askey End-to-End Solution and one-stop-shop service, all the technical effort is easily solved.

Superior Performance

5G network is designed to be more reliable and resilient than previous generations of wireless technology. This is particularly crucial for enterprises that rely on wireless connectivity for mission-critical applications such as emergency service, public safety, mobility applications and transportation. Askey all-in-one Small Cell provides superior DL/UL performance and is easily installed and integrated.

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