Askey Organizes the Opening Press Conference of "Step into Paul Chiang with 5G Immersive Light and Shadow Symphony Trilogy" in Kaohsiung Weiwuying


Kaohsiung, October 14, 2023 - Askey holds the opening press conference of "Step into Paul Chiang with 5G Immersive Light and Shadow Symphony Trilogy" that is officially unveiled at Building Q of Weiwuying. In order to present the innovative content of this show, Askey has consulted and obtained the authorization from the renowned artist Paul Jiang, and worked with the art director to curate and coordinate the "Step into Paul Chiang."  


This performance adopts one of Askey's 5G vertical solutions. By equipped with Askey's self-developed domestic 5G small cell, it integrates with Chunghwa Telecom's 5G private network, MEC, and more to create an immersive environment of virtual and real space fusion, enhancing the interaction and participation between the audience and the performance. 


By leveraging with Askey 5G transmission and real-time 3D Cloud computing, it breaks down the barriers between different venues. Through the AR glasses, the audience may watch the virtual dancers moving around the main performance hall. Meanwhile, with the UWB positioning system, it generates real-time moving images, guiding the audience to interact with the performance in an immersive projection, which waves a symphony of light and shadow with soundscape fusion. 



【Performance Detail】

◎The first part "Tranquility Echoes": 5G Immersive Borderless Performance 
   2023/10/14 (Sat) 14:30

◎The second part "Searching for the Light in the Realm - Notre Dame de Paris":
   Immersive Musical Theater 
   2023/11/18 (Sat) - 11/19 (Sun) 11:00/14:00/16:00

◎The third part "Step into Paul Chiang - 5G Immersive Light and Shadow Symphony":
   An Immersive Art Experience
   2023/12/13 (Wed) - 2024/2/29 (Thu) 11:00-17:00  [Closed on Every Mon and Tue]