UWB Access Control System

UWB Access Control System

Offers unparalleled accuracy in positioning by its algorithm, even in situations where the signal is unstable.
It requires only four anchors to achieve comprehensive spatial positioning of the entire vehicle, making it a cost-effective and efficient option with diversified applications. The UWB technology is not only compliant with CCC and can be customized to meet the client's specific needs, but is easy to set up and works perfectly in a signal-intensive environment.

Askey key applications of UWB technology include:
• Automotive: unlock cars and start systems without keys, as we ll as for collision avoidance systems.
• High-precision localization: the UWB localization system can realize centimeter-level positioning accuracy through field testing and algorithm optimization.
• Smart factory: UWB can be applied to monitor inventory status , staff and equipment activities, and manufacturing process in real time, thereby enhancing inventory management and operational efficiency.

Askey UWB invites you to enter ultra-wide possibilities. By its secure ranging and precision sensing, Askey creates a new dimension of spatial context for wireless devices. With our UWB technology, you can enjoy fast, reliable wireless connectivity and high-precision positioning for all your indoor applications.



  • UWB system (ECU + Anchor + Key Fob) 
    • ECU (MCU + BLE)
    • Anchor (UWB)
    • Key Fob (UWB + BLE)
  • Solution
    • UWB
      • IEEE 802.15.4 HRP UWB PHY compliant
      • Support SHF UWB bands from 6.0 GHz to 8.5 GHz for worldwide use
      • Center Frequency from 6.5 GHz to 8.0 GHz
      • AEC-Q100
    • BLE
      • 2.4 GHz Bluetooth Low Energy Version 5.0 radio
      • High Speed (2 Mbps), Long Range, Advertising Extensions
      • Programmable Transmitter Output Power: -30 dBm ~ +5 dBm
      • AEC-Q100
  • Interfaces: CAN
  • Power Supply: DC Power 12V
  • Antenna
    • UWB Chip ANT. X 1
    • BLE Chip ANT. X 1


  • IEEE 802.15.4 forward and backward compatible                 
  • Compatible CCC
  • Unique positioning algorism
  • Askey APP & GUI


  • 100 x 140 x 25 (WxDxH, mm, ECU)
  • 95 x 35 x 12 (WxDxH, mm, Anchor)


  • Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ +85°C
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